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Would Meghan Markle scare Donald Trump?


Donald Trump never shies away from publicly criticizing people he doesn’t hold in his heart, and Meghan Markle is no exception. A relentlessness that questions the potential fears of the American president, who may well be afraid of the ambition of the Duchess of Sussex.

Why so much hatred of Donald Trump against Meghan Markle? Recently questioned about the positions taken by the couple from Sussex, very committed to the next presidential election, the American president declared: “I am not one of his fans (those of Meghan Markle, editor’s note).

I wish Harry a lot of luck, because he’s going to need it”. A particularly astonishing outing since Donald Trump only stole the duchess, whereas the journalist’s question, which asked her to react to the last message of the Sussex couple on the presidential election, also concerned Prince Harry.

The attitude of the American president when it comes to Meghan Markle’s questioning, and would almost suggest that he might well feel threatened by the ambition and influence of the duchess, who has never made a secret of her appetite for politics.

Already a few months ago, the American president had been accused of having called Meghan Markle “bad”, which he denied in the process… Although she never reacted head-on to his attacks, Prince Harry’s wife makes no secret of her contempt for Donald Trump, and recently encouraged Americans to vote in a statement that clearly showed her support for Joe Biden, the president’s Democratic opponent.

Madam President?

Donald Trump may not be wrong to feel threatened by the Duchess of Sussex, who, since returning to the United States, seems determined to establish herself as an important voice in politics. “Meghan thinks she has much more to offer than just acting in front of the camera.

She said she wants to use her voice to make a difference and not close the door to a career in politics,” a source told the Daily Mail. A strong political commitment that does not surprise the expert of the royal family Omid Scobie, for whom “Meghan Markle symbolizes the American dream. One day we will see her become president.

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