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Prince Harry no closer to reconciliation with his family: “He got it wrong”


After four years of conflict between the couple formed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family, it would appear that a reconciliation between the two parties is not on the agenda. As reported by Express.co.uk, William’s brother is reportedly mistaken in his intentions.

Prince Harry and Meghan are once again in turmoil. Recently, Prince William’s brother lost his case against a British tabloid and has had to pay a hefty fine of £48,447. Another defeat for the couple, who were forced a few days ago to return their wedding gifts. But since January 2020 and their withdrawal from the royal family, Harry and Meghan have been trying to live a normal life even though they are far from the Duke’s close friends. The couple are obliged to follow guidelines specific to their status, particularly concerning their safety. While many people are wondering whether it is possible one day to see reconciliation between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, it would appear that this is a thing compromised. According to the British media Express.co.uk, Prince Harry has just realised that he was wrong about this.

For almost four years, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had no relationship with the royal family. Over the last few years, the couple have made numerous revelations, notably to Oprah Winfrey and in the Netflix documentary. A few days ago, Prince Harry was told that “there was no relationship to salvage”, as reported by writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue. According to her, “reality is setting in” with William’s brother about the true nature of his relationships with the rest of the family. “I really don’t understand on what planet he thinks his behaviour over the last few years would be conducive to any relationship with his family. He’s got it all wrong,” argues the writer.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be excluded from the Royal Family for years to come

These comments about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship come some time after reports that the couple could be “sidelined for decades”, as royal author Christopher Andersen reports. It would appear that the Royal Family is trying to “close ranks” and thus not include the Sussexes for many years to come. The time for reconciliation is not yet upon us.

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