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The Return of “SussexRoyal”? Exploring the Implications of Meghan Markle’s Instagram Comeback.


In May 2018, Meghan Markle had to close her Instagram account, which had almost three million followers. In an article dated Sunday 3 March, the website Express.co.uk explains why it would be in the Duchess of Sussex’s interest to reopen it. The Duchess of Sussex is not on a roll at the moment. In the wake of the latest scandal, Meghan Markle, who has a surprising amount in common with her sister-in-law Prince of Wales, has a vested interest in reversing the trend as soon as possible. However, as the Express.co.uk website explained in an article published on Sunday 3 March, after hearing from a PR expert, the mum of Archie and Lilibet has a simple way of improving things. According to Lynn Carratt, head of London PR agency Press Box PR, all the Duchess of Sussex has to do to improve her image is reactivate her Instagram account!

She could use this platform to promote her work, instead of giving explosive interviews about her time with the Royal Family,” explained the PR expert. Lynn Carratt also thinks that Meghan Markle would do well to open up about her daily life: “By showing her public what her life is really like when the spotlight goes off, instead of the ultra-smooth image she presents, it would allow people to identify with her,” explained the expert. Last September, the appearance of a mysterious account on Instagram had suggested a possible return of the Duchess – but to date, no publication has yet been posted.

A return to Suits?

Another PR expert, Laura Perkes, founder of PR with Perkes, has also made a suggestion to the Duchess of Sussex to boost her image with the British public: reprise the role that made her famous! “Rachel Zane’s character was someone the public could identify with, which is why Meghan was so loved. If she were to reprise that role, the public would be charmed all over again”, said the reputation management expert. But will the Duchess of Sussex follow all this good advice? At a time when a return to England could be in the offing, she needs to boost her popularity rating as a matter of urgency.

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