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Harry and Meghan Markle nuke the royal family: Lilibet doomed to pay the ultimate price?


On March 3, Harry and Meghan named their daughter Lilibet. The couple’s spokesperson, in announcing the news, called the little girl a “princess”. However, this title could condemn the child to pay a high price, according to an expert on royalty, with Sky News Australia.

It’s a royal title worth a thousand words. On March 3, in California, little Lilibet Diana – daughter of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle – was baptized. To announce this news, the couple’s spokesperson used the title “princess” for the first time to refer to Archie’s little sister. A title that had been granted to the girl by King Charles III. This decision of the sovereign had been acted in September 2022, after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Interviewed on Saturday, March 18 by Sky News Australia, the royal biographer Angela Levin judged that the decision of Meghan Markle and her husband, which consists of designating Archie and Lilibet with their royal titles, could lead to negative consequences on the children. Regarding the little girl, the English journalist felt that she could be condemned to pay a high price for this title and the regular criticism directed by her parents to the Firm.


“A burden” on the shoulders of Lilibet?

“It will take a long time for little Lilibet to realize the extent of the burden that her parents have placed on her young shoulders,” Angela Levin detailed to the news channel. The specialist judged that by calling her a princess – even though the couple and their children live far from the members of the Firm – her parents had “glued her to the British royal family”, which they have never ceased to criticize in recent years. According to her, it could be difficult for the child to be associated with people towards whom her parents have launched “cascades of insults”.

On the other hand, still with Sky News, Angela Levin judged that the weight of this royal title could also affect Lilibet in her daily life. “Little girls obviously love to be princesses at parties,” observed the royal biographer. But if Lilibet is the only one in the class who is a real princess, it could lead to jealousy.”

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