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William and Harry maintained by Prince Charles: How much did they get?


Prince Charles has been spending a colossal amount of money for several years to ensure the lifestyle of his two sons. According to The Express the future king would have spent less than 7 million dollars last year.

Royal spending has always been a subject of intense discussion and friction in the United Kingdom. Much criticized for their lavish lifestyle, the Sussex have in recent months paid the price for this increased interest.

And while Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are now financially independent, this was not always the case, far from it. As The Express website, which has access to the annual accounts of Clarence House, reveals, Prince Charles spent $7 million between April 2019 and March 2020 to support his two sons William and Harry and their families. A colossal sum, up $750,000 from the previous year.

If the two sons of Prince Charles received money, William probably more than his brother because of his three children, however, Internet users have expressed their anger on social networks. Many of them do not understand why Meghan and Harry continued to receive money even though they had given up a prominent role in the royal family.

“Now that she has left the monarchy, she should be paying Prince Charles back for the designer clothes he bought her,” a British citizen tweeted. For if Meghan and Harry have repaid the 2.6 million euros of renovations at Frogmore Cottage, the money incurred by Prince Charles, and therefore not the English taxpayers, has not been repaid.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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