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Why Meghan Markle and Harry probably already know the sex of their baby


If the sex of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s second baby has not been publicly revealed, it is highly likely that the Sussex couple already knows whether it is a boy or a girl, our source points out. And there are several reasons for this…

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome a little boy or girl? While the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant with her second baby, the parents would already be aware of the sex, as our source points out, who puts forward several arguments. According to the biography Finding Freedom, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife, who recently formalized their departure from the British Royal Family, are not the kind of people to be surprised on D-Day.

In this book, it is written that “Meghan and Harry had already chosen the name before Archie was born, because they both knew all along that they were going to have a boy. (…) According to one source, they decided on their son’s name in the last week of pregnancy.” A scenario that could happen again.

According to several sources, Meghan Markle is five months pregnant. At that point, doctors should be able to determine the sex of the baby. This information confirms that Ingrid Seward, the famous royal biographer who recently assured that the former Suits actress and her husband “already know the sex of the baby”, because “that’s how it is in Los Angeles”. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should not reveal it to the public before the baby is born, as our source points out.

What if their baby’s name was Diana?

According to Ingrid Seward, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could opt for an original first name, far from the British royal traditions. Especially since this second child marks the definitive break between the couple and royalty, since it will most certainly be born in the United States, as The Daily Mirror reported.

“For a boy, they could choose Red, who comes from Redmond, Blue or Grey. And if it’s a girl, I think it could be about flowers – Daisy, Primrose, Violet or Ivy,” the expert said. And why not Diana, to pay homage to the princess and mother of Prince Harry? At the top of the bookies with Alfie and Alexandra, Lady Di’s first name is not excluded.


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