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Why Elizabeth II remains inflexible with Harry and Meghan


It’s a new blow for Meghan Markle and Harry! The Queen wishes to withdraw all the patronage they had as representatives of the royal family.

After the announcement of Meghan Markle’s second pregnancy and the exclusive interview with her husband Harry, which will be broadcast on CBS on March 7, Queen Elizabeth has made a big decision. In the coming weeks, she wants to ask Sussex to relinquish all the patronage they had as representatives of the Royal Family.

While little Archie’s parents have resigned themselves, this announcement has had the effect of a bombshell. But Elizabeth II remained stuck on her positions. The Queen believes that one cannot represent the royal family and the United Kingdom and run lucrative business ventures in parallel. As a reminder, Meghan Markle and Harry have signed a contract with Netflix and plan to release documentaries, feature films, scripted television shows and children’s series.

According to our sources, Elizabeth II believes that members of the Royal Family cannot be “half in, half out”, i.e. representing The Queen and the United Kingdom while pursuing personal financial goals. “It was clear to her from the outset that a hybrid role is not an option,” a source told our colleagues.

The decision is all the more difficult for the Queen because she is looking forward to becoming a grandmother once again. “One thing about the queen is that she has to deal with being a grandmother, but also how it affects the institution at large,” a source told our colleagues.

Elizabeth II holds a series of meetings

For the past few days, Prince Charles’ mother has been meeting more and more with the royal assistants to determine who will take over from Meghan and Harry. A patronage questions… It is that of the National Theater, offered by Elizabeth II in 2009. According to some sources, Charles and Camila could inherit it but the members of the establishment are divided on the subject. However, these problems concerning patronage should be resolved before March 31.

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