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Too much pressure on Meghan Markle? “Her family’s worried.”


Despite her move to the United States, Meghan Markle is caught up with a lot of demons. The Duchess of Sussex’s closed-minded attitude would worry her loved ones.

Is Meghan Markle in psychological distress? The former actress of the series Suits would not get better, on the contrary. The family of the young mother sounds the alarm bell during an interview at the Mirror.

They speak of a “disturbing silence” on the part of what was once considered a “hurricane” because she was so jovial. Little Archie’s mother – who would be taking her first steps – has to deal with her quarrel with the royal family, her best friend Jessica Mulroney and her lawsuit against the tabloids. A legal battle in which Meghan Markle feels totally “abandoned” by the royal family.

A relative of MeghanPrince Harry is also said to have isolated himself Markle, who prefers to remain anonymous, is surprised: “She’s become very quiet… Meghan has become much more distant and introverted in recent weeks – her family is worried.

And Harry must be tormented by his broken family ties… The legal battle and the increased tension that Meghan Markle has created with members of the royal family must be putting a lot of pressure on both of them.

Prince Harry is also said to have isolated himself

Indeed, Prince Harry would also have isolated himself, as evidenced by his relationship with Prince William, which is deteriorating by the day. At the beginning of the year, however, the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry were thinking of making a fresh start by leaving their status within the British Royal Family and England to settle across the Atlantic .

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