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This hand extended to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Coup de théâtre in the management of chaotic relations between Prince Harry and Meghan and the crown: Prince Charles himself, according to the Mirror, would have intervened to invite the couple to stay in Britain. A call for peace that Prince Harry could want to ignore …

It is a strong gesture from Prince Charles. The latter, who is currently banning from his family the black sheep that his brother Prince Andrew has become since his troubles with justice in the Epstein case, which go up to an accusation of rape, is also trying to reconnect with his youngest son. Unhappy to have never been able to meet his little daughter Lilibet born in California last June, the Prince of Wales has officially invited Harry and Meghan to come and stay in England with him and their children, including the young Archie who will be three years old next May.

Since the renunciation of their Royal obligations two years ago on January 8, 2020, it would be the first time that the Susses would finally have the opportunity to be reunited in his company after a series of phone calls that would have warmed the atmosphere, according to sources close to Buckingham still according to the Mirror.


But Prince Harry makes a whim …

This is to say that Harry’s refusal to return without the benefit of the security services of the crown upset the son of Queen Elizabeth II who could be called to reign soon if she, 95 years old, had disappeared. The timing is really unfortunate as the head of royal security told Prince Harry that he could not “choose and decide” when he would visit the UK and immediately expect to receive police protection.

By now, Prince Charles is starting to be really upset about the successive falling out with Harry. A member of his entourage told the Mirror. “He is saddened that he has not had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren. He is a wonderful, loving grandfather who takes his role very seriously and it is likely that he feels a lack of being able to see Harry’s children. This is a situation he is trying to remedy through this invitation to the Sussexes to stay with him whenever they express the wish to visit England.”

It remains to be seen if Harry, who would want to take legal action against the English government to force it to ensure his safety, will let himself be moved…

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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