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Sophie of Wessex: The Traumatic memory of the birth of her daughter Louise


In an interview with the Sunday Times, Sophie de Wessex talked about the birth of her daughter Louise, who was born prematurely, and the haemorrhage she suffered.

Since the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, she is one of the rising figures of the British monarchy. Sophie de Wessex, who could be seen very mobilized during the Covid-19 epidemic, earned her gallons in The Firm.

Ally of Kate Middleton, inspiration for the Queen, increased presence in the field… Prince Edward’s wife is now one of the assets of the Royal Family. Despite this privileged position, Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter-in-law still wants to see her children, Louise and James, build their own destiny, as she revealed in an interview for The Sunday Times on June 6.

“We try to raise them in the knowledge that they will most likely have to work for a living,” she said. She hopes that Louise, 16, will go to university. An event that would be a nice consecration for Sophie Rhys-Jones, still marked by the birth of her eldest daughter.

Because at the time of delivery, Edward’s wife suffered a hemorrhage and lost a lot of blood (more than four liters). His little girl, born prematurely in November 2003, weighed only two kilos.

Most importantly, she had esotropia, a form of strabismus. From an early age, the child had to undergo several corrective operations. “It’s still not perfect, but none of us are,” Edward’s wife told The Sunday Times.

Nevertheless, Louise’s birth has left her with a lasting trauma. “For the first 10 years after she was born, I had a very difficult time going into the premature wards. It came up in my mind, but I learned to cope,” confessed Sophie de Wessex.

Her daughter is now healthy

In 2014, her visit to the neonatal ward at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey (UK) is a moving moment for her. She breaks down in tears as she meets the midwives who saved her life.

Since then, her daughter Louise has been in perfect health. She even excels in driving, a sport that her grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, loved. The teenager is also due to take placement tests at her high school in the near future.

“She works hard and will soon take her A-levels (high school leaving exams – Editor’s note). I hope she will go to university. I wouldn’t force her, it’s only if she wants to,” said Sophie de Wessex, who is always attentive to her daughter’s well-being.

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