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Sophie of Wessex, forced to snub Meghan Markle? That dodgy look that calls out



It’s an image that almost went unnoticed, so much attention was focused on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, William and Harry on March 9. During the Commonwealth celebration, Sophie de Wessex, Prince Edward’s wife, stealthily but conspicuously dodged a glance from Meghan. Hard, hard to position herself within the torn royal family…

The service was supposed to promote diversity and harmony within the Commonwealth. It revealed irreconcilable antagonisms for a long time.final disastrous final reunion of Meghan Markle and Harry with the rest of the Royal Family at Westminster Abbey on March 9.

During the live broadcast on the BBC, Kate Middleton and William’s coolness towards Meghan, who arrived before the couple and sat behind their backs, was commented on. While Charles’ eldest son was content with a minimal salute to his younger brother, his wife made no effort, bitterly, it is said, that her step-sister-in-law sabotaged the happy Cambridge trio with Harry and forced the couple to devote themselves more to the service of the Crown.

When they left Westminster, William and Kate didn’t even bother to wait for the Sussex, proof of the more than consummate break-up between their couples, much to the chagrin of Elizabeth II. In the midst of this trench warfare, the rest of the royal family is as ordered as it can be. A video of Sophie de Wessex, rather uncomfortable, testifies to this.

Called to the rescue, with her husband Edward, as a diversion in Westminster, Elizabeth II’s favourite daughter-in-law, already mobilised in January to make Meghan forget, was treated to Kate Middleton, who turned around to talk to her before the service began. Sitting, like his wife, close to Sussex, Edward took the trouble to speak with the hated couple.

Sophie has also experienced jealousy, but she doesn’t forget that outstretched hand that Meghan refused to grasp…
But as Meghan’s eyes met Sophie’s, Sophie avoided supporting him and hurried to look straight ahead. Discomfort in front of the eyes of the Duchess of Sussex, still wet from the tears she had shed at Buckingham a few minutes earlier? Conflict of loyalty to Kate, whom she has known and advised for longer?


It’s hard for Sophie de Wessex to position herself without offending anyone. Like Meghan, Edward’s wife, Sophie de Wessex’s wife caused incomprehension and jealousy when she first joined the royal family. Like Harry’s wife again, the Countess of Wessex has had to deny odious rumours, but Sophie remains aware that Kate and William are the future of the monarchy. Nor does she forget that Meghan, in her early days with the Windsor family, refused her advice. Atmosphere…

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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