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“She should be more supportive of her husband”: Meghan Markle strangled by… an opponent of the royal family…


While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will officially leave the British Royal Family on March 31, there is great bitterness among some Englishmen. A famous journalist, and opponent of the royal family, did not hesitate to curry the Duchess of Sussex in a violent tribune.

She’s starting a new chapter in her life. Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not officially leave their positions in the British Royal Family until March 31, the Duchess of Sussex has already turned the page.

After a final round of official engagements in London, where she shone, she said a fond farewell to her staff before quietly flying to Canada, where the couple chose to establish their new home. Since then, Meghan Markle has been taking full advantage of Baby Archie, far from the royal pressure.

But while Meghan Markle’s heart is now light-hearted, others still find it difficult to accept Sussex’s choice to withdraw from the royal family. In an op-ed published by The Mirror, journalist Paul Routledge bitterly analyses Harry’s decision to give up his status within the British monarchy.

It was a choice – necessarily a bad one, in his view – for which he blamed the evil feminist Meghan Markle: “The Sussex people abdicated their royal duties with a sermon by the duchess on men. Meghan tells us to have more respect for our women. I think she should support her man instead.”

Meghan ruined Harry’s life.

“He gave up a historical role, for which he was born and raised, out of love. His great-great uncle, King Edward VIII, did the same, also for a divorced woman from across the Atlantic, Mrs. Simpson.

And they share the same fate, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden that is the monarchy of the United Kingdom”, the journalist is carried away. “The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Meghan has ruined Harry’s life.

She took him away from his family and his royal destiny in his own country, driving him thousands of miles away. He’s not coming back, or rarely will. She’s managed to get him and Archie and the dog exactly where she wants them. In her native North America.”

Paul Routledge then reproached Prince Harry for having deserted his country and his royal duties before violently tackling the woman who, according to him, had planned the whole thing: “In a way, Harry would be better off if he had never met his television starlet… How long will it be before he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake?” Criticism without half-measures and lacking objectivity? The Daily Mirror reporter is clearly anti-royalist.

In 1985, in fact, he made his presence felt in a controversial exchange with Queen Elizabeth II. Paul Routledge broke protocol at the time and challenged the sovereign in public. A lack of respect for royalty that was later denounced by the entire press. Once again, the journalist is flying the conventions to deliver the substance of his thought, no matter how biased it may be.

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