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Princess Anne, Diana and Meghan


According to British author Lady Colin Campbell, the accusations of racism, made by the Sussexes, would actually target only one person: the Princess Anne. Proof of this, according to the Daily Express: the daughter of Elizabeth II would have been specifically pointed to by Meghan Markle during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Would Princess Anne have had racist words about Archie? This is now the question that torments the British press. Because according to Lady Colin Campbell, a British aristocrat and author of numerous books on the Crown, the daughter of Elizabeth II would be the person targeted by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their interview with Oprah Winfrew. During the interview, William’s brother had told of having attended “conservations” about the future skin color of Archie, and that a few months before his birth. Very serious accusations to which the British royal family was keen to respond in a brief statement. However, the torch continues to burn between the two parties, and the war could well be declared between Meghan Markle and Princess Anne.

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Indeed, as pointed out by our colleagues of the Daily Express, the former actress of Suits has taken up an expression that the very stern daughter of Elizabeth II had used in an interview. In April 2020, three months after the declaration of the Sussexes to move away from the monarchy, the younger sister of Charles had confided at length in the magazine Vanity Fair. She deplored that the younger generation wants to change the royal family too quickly, especially on philanthropic issues.

“I don’t think this younger generation understands what I was doing (…). You don’t necessarily look at what the previous generation did. (…) These days, they’re much more like, ‘Let’s do things in a new way.’ And I’m already at the stage of, ‘Please don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve been there before. We’ve done this before. Some of these things don’t work. Maybe you should go back to the basics,'” she said

We haven’t reinvented the wheel

Many had interpreted it as a thinly veiled dig at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And it seems that the Duchess of Sussex has not forgotten this affront. In her interview with Oprah Winfrey last March, she returned in particular to her withdrawal from the British monarchy. She said that she “does not want to reinvent the wheel”. “We never left the royal family, we just wanted a role that already existed. There are ‘senior’ members and ‘non-senior’ members. We said to ourselves, ‘We’re moving away from our ‘senior’ roles to just be like the other (lesser members),'” Meghan Markle explained.

With this request, the couple only wanted to be financially independent, like many members of the royal family who have jobs outside the Firm (the nickname given to the British monarchy), and “can support the Queen when she asks.” “So we have not reinvented the wheel,” Meghan Markle had concluded. This simple phrase now has a different meaning, which should not please Princess Anne in any way.

New psychodrama at the Windsor? Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II, is said to be the member of the royal family who has offended Meghan Markle and Harry with derogatory comments. Racist? That remains to be proven. Uncomfortable? That’s a fact. Before Meghan, Diana, another rebel, paid the price.

Who’s next? It’s Princess Anne’s turn to wipe away the infamy. And the stain she has just been smeared with could well be indelible.

According to Lady Colin Campbell, eccentric aristocrat and author of devastating biographies, Elizabeth II’s daughter was the royal family member targeted by the Sussexes when they complained about rampant racism among the Windsors to Oprah Winfrey. Seismic revelation. Skillful, the queen had to pretend a selective memory. Furious, William firmly denied the serious accusations. Words of Princess Anne taken up by Meghan Markle during her interview intrigue.

But for Lady Colin Campbell, the mother of Zara Tindall, recently grandmother for the third time, would have suffered the revenge of Sussex to doubt too much Meghan’s ability to ensure the royal job since the beginning of her romance with Harry. The best defense would therefore remain the attack. This is not to know Anne well, 70 years old, a life dedicated to the service of the Crown, a mind of steel … and an extreme severity with the rebels. Lady Diana paid the price.

At first, Anne was simply jealous of Diana, who was out of fashion

Don’t trust the forced smiles. Anne hates the hugs and selfies that the younger generation of Windsors gives in to when they meet crowds. Not her style. Too vulgar. A pathetic legacy of Diana, “the princess of hearts”, whose silliness was unbearable for her. In a documentary about the queen’s children, broadcast by Channel 5 in February 2019, Jeremy Paxman, star journalist of the BBC and confidant of Lady Diana, returned more explicitly to the fear that Anne inspired in the late Princess of Wales.

As vertical as her father, the intransigent Prince Philip, the daughter of Elizabeth II would have taken Charles’ bride to task, as soon as she arrived at the Windsor house. At first, jealousy: celebrated for her beauty in the 70s, Anne would have taken umbrage with Diana, because she “unfashionable”. Then, because her way of approaching the public, always frank and more and more direct, disgusted her. Old school, dear Anne.

Diana et Anne célébrant l'Armistice, en 1992. La leur ne viendra jamais. Elles s'insupportent alors plus que jamais.
Diana and Anne celebrating the Armistice, in 1992.

If Anne is here, I’m leaving

In the same Channel 5 documentary, Jeremy Paxman recalled that the relationship between the two women had deteriorated, to the point that Diana refused to attend the same events as her sister-in-law. “If Anne is there, I’m leaving,” the Princess of Wales confided to him, sufficiently upset by the infidelities of Charles, before an event. “Anne had a knack for hurting her,” said Paxman. Meghan Markle probably did not anticipate who she had to deal with. Anne, a princess of royal blood, is a fact. Queen of the bellows and retaliation, it is a title that has never been snatched from her at the Windsor…

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