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Prince Philip’s inheritance: Meghan and Harry to receive their share


Prince Philip, who died on April 9, left behind an impressive fortune, of which Meghan and Harry will receive a share, reveals David McClure, an expert on the royal family.

Time for a reckoning. While the funeral of Prince Philip was held this Saturday, April 17, his legacy should soon be distributed. More ant than grasshopper, the Duke of Edinburgh has amassed a real fortune since his marriage to Elizabeth II in 1947. If the monarch should get a large part of the property of her late husband, Meghan Markle and Harry will also get a nice nest egg, reveals David McClure, author of the book on the finances of the Queen, The Queen’s True Worth.

Thus, the fortune of Prince Philip, estimated at 11.5 million euros, should be shared between Elizabeth II, majority beneficiary, the 4 children of the couple – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – but also his grandchildren. However, if Harry has renounced his royal functions, he is still part of the Windsor clan and should as such receive a share of the inheritance of his grandfather.

Priceless goods

If the Duke of Edinburgh had retired in 2017, he continued to be paid until the day of his death, last April 9. According to our sources, the latter received 359,000 pounds per year through the Sovereign Grant, as well as part of the Privy Purs, intended for the personal expenses of the royal couple. But that’s not all! According to David McClure, “Prince Philip had an extensive collection of Aboriginal art and a significant collection of paintings by Edward Seago, who taught him to paint. He also had a collection of about 3,000 books, especially on nature. Priceless goods that his heirs will now have to share.

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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