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Prince Philip sad and angry with Meghan Markle: His attitude doesn’t go over


According to an expert on royalty, Prince Philip would not hide his disappointment not to have seen Meghan Markle encourage her grandson, Prince Harry, to stay in the royal family.

The list of Meghan Markle’s detractors is growing. And the latest name to appear on it is none other than that of Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip.

According to the specialist of the royal family, Ingrid Seward, the Duke of Edinburgh would indeed be “very, very disappointed” by the attitude of Meghan Markle, unable according to him to “support the monarchy” nor her husband, Prince Harry.

Conversely, he did not hesitate to abandon his naval career when Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952. It would be “irritating” if Meghan Markle did not do the same, Ingrid Seward told Sky News.

According to the expert, Prince Philip, 99 years old, would not understand “why Meghan cannot simply give up her acting career. “As he told Diana, this is not a popularity contest, it’s a team effort,” she said. Since Meghan Markle and Harry announced their intention to step down as royals, the Duke of Edinburgh would simply refuse to get involved in all matters that concern them.

Thus, when the Queen urgently summoned Charles and William to Sandrigham last January to discuss the future, the Prince would have “left the house very quickly before they all arrived”.

They had everything to themselves

Far from blaming only Meghan Markle, Prince Philip would also deplore Harry’s decisions. “It was hard for him to understand exactly what made his grandson’s life so unbearable.

For Prince Philip, Harry and Meghan had everything for them: a beautiful home, a healthy son and a unique opportunity to make a global impact through their charity work,” said Ingrid Seward. These words could still hurt Prince Harry, who has already suffered the Queen’s disdain for Meghan Markle and little Archie.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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