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Prince Harry: William and Kate


At the height of the crisis between the two brothers, Prince Harry would have criticized William and Kate Middleton on social networks. An information revealed in the documentary Meghan and Harry the real reasons for their departure aired on RMC Story this Tuesday, October 6 at 9:05 pm.

It’s an unexpected revelation, which says a lot about their scramble. Blaming him for his arrogance and lack of empathy when Meghan Markle arrives in 2016, Harry is said to have secretly criticized his brother William on social networks.

“At the time when he was most in conflict with his brother, and they were under extreme attack from the press, Harry would have used a false Instagram account to denigrate what his brother William and his sister-in-law Kate were doing,” says producer Guillaume Frisquet in the documentary Meghan and Harry the Real Reasons for Leaving, which aired on RMC Story on Tuesday, October 6 at 9:05 pm.

Forced to silence imposed by protocol, Prince Harry would have used this ploy to get over his nerves. “The fact that Harry creates Instagram accounts with anonymous accounts or other names doesn’t surprise me at all,” says British journalist Philip Turle. I think it’s a way to protect yourself, to get out of your frustrations, and to say what you want.Deprived of social networks, the Sussex are now multiplying the videos.

Deprived of social networks, the Sussex are now multiplying the videos

Today exiled in Los Angeles, Prince Harry still does not seem to be reconciled with his older brother. While Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have the wind in their sails on social networks, highlighting their good deeds for the British, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle find themselves speechless, their Instagram account having been frozen since their withdrawal from the British royal family.

To continue to get people talking about them and highlight their projects, the Sussex couple participates in numerous online videos. To better blur the communication of the future reigning couple?

Photo credits : Screenshot – RMC Story

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