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Prince Harry: why he joined a helicopter club on the sly


Prince Harry decided to join a helicopter club in California to renew his valuable pilot’s license.

Recently, Prince Harry joined a helicopter club in California, located near his new home in Santa Barbara. The reason is simple since little Archie’s dad doesn’t want to lose the pilot’s license, which he obtained a few years ago during his training in the Air Force.

As a reminder, Meghan Markle’s husband took the aptitude test in 2008 to learn how to fly military helicopters.

In 2010, he obtained his pilot’s license. Almost a year later, Prince William’s brother passed his test flight on the Apache attack helicopter. In April 2011, he was appointed captain. Finally, on July 8, 2013, he learns that he has passed his captain’s exam. From now on, Prince Harry can bring his wife and son with him on a helicopter flight since his license will be renewed.

Indeed, a certain number of flying hours per year, whether in the United States or the United Kingdom, must be flown in order to keep the precious sesame. A friend of Lady Diana’s youngest son, interviewed by The Sun on September 18, 2020, said: “He is really proud of this license. He has worked hard for it”.

A diploma he intends to use for his personal use

From now on, the man who celebrated his 36th birthday on September 15 would like to “keep these flight hours for his personal use” since this license “gives the freedom” to fly whenever and wherever he wants.

For the time being, Prince Harry does not yet own his own helicopter, but he may very well decide to invest in the future… For information, he served the British army for ten years. Indeed, he stopped going to the field as of June 19, 2015.

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