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Prince Harry: This remarkable rebirth thanks to Meghan


Prince Harry was known for his blunders and cheeky lines, according to Thomas Mace-Archer Mills. This expert says the Duke of Sussex created a new character to break this image.

Prince Harry has created a new persona on purpose according to Thomas Mace-Archer Mills, founder of the British Monarchists Society. According to this royal expert, it would be an attempt by the Duke of Sussex to distance himself from his past life. Prince Harry is known for his blunders and insolent retorts in the past. Thomas Mace-Archer Mills told the Daily Star that “The Duke of Sussex has chosen to ignore and forget his blunders by burying them under several layers of political correctness and wok padding in the hope that his newly created persona will distance him from any wrongdoing or offence he caused when his blunders were knowingly made.

Thomas Mace-Archer Mills also adds that there was nothing funny about Prince Harry anymore. The expert confides that the Duke of Sussex is not able to use humor in his favor as his grandfather did. “Not only have the times changed, but so has Prince Harry,” according to Mace-Archer Mills.

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills – MR. MONARCHY
Thomas Mace-Archer Mills, Mr Monarchy


Prince Philip’s death marks the end of the great Windsor gaffes

When Prince Philip died, Prince Harry paid tribute to him. The Duke of Sussex said at the time that he was “the master of barbecue, the legend of banter, and cheeky to the end.” According to Mace-Archer Mills, the Duke of Edinburgh’s death marked the end of the great Windsor gaffes. “If there were aspirations on Harry’s part to be the heir to Philip’s ‘legend of banter,’ then those aspirations are sadly misinterpreted, misunderstood and misdirected – a failure,” confides Mace-Archer Mills.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the United States, the Duke of Sussex tried negative reactions. Americans reacted negatively after he said the First Amendment was “crazy.”

Prince Harry, reveals images of his adorable son Archie

Fans of the royal family have discovered tender moments between Archie and his father, Harry, in his new documentary series, available this Friday, May 21 on Apple TV+.

Prince Harry protects his son Archie body and soul. The Duke of Sussex is struggling to avoid the suffering he himself has endured. And for this, Meghan Markle’s husband keeps him away from the media life. But sometimes he breaks his own rule, and surprise the admirers of the royal family. Proof of this is that the brother of Prince William has unveiled tender images of his little one in his documentary series The Me You Can’t See, which he shares with Oprah Winfrey, to be broadcast on Apple TV this Friday, May 21. Moments captured in intimacy, which the Daily Mail’s Instagram account relayed.

We discover Archie and Meghan Markle, both warmly dressed, on a beach. If the utensils they each hold in their hands are anything to go by, mother and son have been busy making sandcastles. Prince Harry was also shown swinging with his little boy, soon to be big brother. These moments of happiness were broadcast as a new wave of indignation overwhelms Prince Harry! His new confessions about the British royal family, revealed in his program, have caused yet another tidal wave.

The Duke of Cambridge accused her of lack of empathy, scratching the education she gave him in passing. “I do not think we should point fingers or blame anyone, but in terms of raising children, if I have experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that my father or my parents have suffered, I will make sure to break that cycle so as not to pass it on,” he said, in reference to his son.

Harry wants to break the chain of suffering

No doubt that Prince Harry wants to avoid living the same relationship with his son Archie, which he knew with his father, Prince Charles. Between the two men, the misunderstandings are counted in spades. The Duke of Sussex has also highlighted one of them, during his conversation with Oprah Winfrey.

Namely, the violence of the British tabloids. “When I was younger, my father said to William and me: ‘It was like that for me, so it will be the same for you’,” he recalled. But, according to him, “it is not because you have suffered that your children must suffer”. It should “even be the opposite”. Thus, Prince Harry makes sure to “transform into something positive the bad experiences” that he has lived.

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