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Prince Harry: This ingenious choice for his podcast


With the time difference, the uploading of the podcast interview with Prince Harry has prevented British newspapers to make their front pages immediately. A “smart” strategy, analyzes a fine connoisseur of the British monarchy, this Saturday May 15, in a podcast.

Once is not usual, the last interview of Prince Harry made the effect of a bomb. His upbringing, his relationship with father, the systemic suffering of the monarchy … The husband of Meghan Markle has put on the table all his grievances, Thursday, May 13, in the American podcast Armchair Expert. The broadcast time of the program, at 2 am in Los Angeles, would not have been thought by chance.

According to an expert on British royalty, this strange scheduling was a “cleverly orchestrated” calculation to cut the ground from under the English tabloids. “It was to ensure that the British papers would only cover it the next day,” our source noted.

Since his installation in the United States, every word of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are dissected by the British media, through front pages not always flattering for the parents of Archie. By putting the show, which is rich in shocking statements to say the least, online at 10 a.m. (London time), Prince Charles‘s son prevented the print newspapers from making their front pages quickly, as the closing of the news headlines is usually scheduled in the evening. “They wanted the show to have 24 hours to simply breathe and exist on its own before it was taken apart, examined and analyzed,” our source deciphered. In other words, this scheduling strategy allowed the podcast to get “fair coverage” before the interview was caught “in the usual madness” of the British media.

An explosive interview

The question now is: did this tactic pay off? According to our source, nothing is less certain. “I was looking at the headlines in the UK and maybe it didn’t work. But it gave listeners, at least, a window where they could organically talk about what they felt while listening to the program,” before it was criticized from all sides, he analyzed.

To say that Prince Harry let loose in his interview with Dax Shepard is an understatement. Lasting 90 minutes, this very long interview was an opportunity for the grandson of Elizabeth II to deliver new secrets on his difficult adaptation to the British monarchy. He said he wanted to give up his royal commitments at the age of 20 and do everything to avoid reproducing the violence of his upbringing with his son, Archie, and his unborn daughter.

Photo credits: Backgrid UK/ Bestimage

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