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Prince Harry: This funny reaction the day William told him he was going to propose to Kate Middleton


Before being at loggerheads as in recent months, Princes Harry and William have long been very complicit and fusional. So much so that it is to his brother that the Duke of Cambridge first confided his intentions to marry Kate Middleton, giving rise to a funny reaction.

He was the first to be put in the confidence. In November 2010, Prince William officially announced at Buckingham Palace his engagement to Kate Middleton, a young woman he met at university, whose potential as a future queen consort is now proven. But before announcing it to the world, it is to his brother Prince Harry that the Duke of Cambridge revealed his intentions first. Because before being the two divided brothers that they are today, the sons of Prince Charles have long been complicit and fused, brought together more than ever by the death of their mother Lady Diana in 1997.

Very close, to the point that Prince William had even revealed in detail the marriage proposal he wanted to organize for Kate Middleton, which was done during a trip to Africa. “His brother was impressed by William‘s romantic plan to propose to Kate in a remote lodge in Kenya, East Africa, accessible only by helicopter,” said Ingrid Seward, a royal expert to The Express, who said that, resourceful on the side of humor, Prince Harry suggested that he had “a bottle of champagne on hand if she said yes, and also a bottle of cognac in case she said no,” she reported.

Princes William and Harry soon reconciled?

A good understanding that now seems far away for the two brothers, between whom relations remained somewhat strained during their reunion for the funeral of Prince Philip, despite a brief rapprochement. If Prince Harry has since returned to Los Angeles with Meghan Markle, he should however return to the United Kingdom next July to inaugurate with his brother a statue made in honor of Lady Diana, they have already agreed to expose her wedding dress for a special project. Perhaps the opportunity for them to bury the hatchet for good?

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