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Prince Harry supports Meghan by judicially attacking the British press in his turn


A few months after Meghan Markle’s lawsuit, Prince Harry has also filed a complaint against the Mail on Sunday. The Duke of Sussex asserts that false information was published.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are united… even in court. Since they announced their withdrawal from the royal family to settle in the United States, the couple has several times filed lawsuits against the media. A real war that does not dry up, since after the duchess, it was the duke who decided not to let anything pass.

Indeed, Prince William‘s brother launched a defamation suit against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, December 6. What does he reproach him for? Having stated in an article published last October that he no longer had any contact with the Royal Marines.

His honorary roles as Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Commander of the Royal Air Force Base and Honorary Commander-in-Chief of Small Ships and Diving of the Royal Naval Commands were all suspended after the Megxit. To respond to these “false allegations”, he approached the law firm that represents the couple.

In the aftermath, Schillings therefore brought an action against Associated Newspapers Ltd. in the High Court of London. This is a new complaint, which is one of several that the couple has already filed in recent months.

Prince Harry also has another lawsuit pending, against News Group Newspapers and Mirror Group Newspapers, on charges of telephone hacking. A few weeks ago, they had shared a long letter to several British tabloids that published false information.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they refused to “offer themselves as a bargaining chip for clicks”. In the letter, the Sussex couple’s public relations representative wrote that he was “gravely concerned that an influential part of the media” had printed articles that were “distorted, false or invasive”: “This way of doing business has a real human cost and it affects all sections of society”.

Meghan Markle is not going to flinch

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have seen people they know – as well as complete strangers – have their lives completely shattered for no good reason, other than that salacious gossip increases advertising revenue,” he continued.

After this new lawsuit, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday is under attack from all sides. As a reminder, a few months ago, the Duchess of Sussex announced that she was suing him after he published a handwritten letter she had sent to her father, Thomas Markle.

In court, Prince Harry’s wife is claiming damages for alleged abuse of private information, violation of the Data Protection Act and copyright infringement on five articles published in February 2019 that included excerpts from this “private and confidential” exchange. A legal battle, which has already cost her a lot of money, but which she does not intend to give up. With the help of Prince Harry.

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