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Prince Harry: Soon a return to the United Kingdom and a private conversation with Elizabeth II?


While he now lives in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry may soon return to the United Kingdom for private talks with Elizabeth II. And he may not be at the wedding.

Will Prince Harry soon be back in the United Kingdom? Now settled in Los Angeles with his wife and son, the grandson of Elizabeth II could soon return to his native country to discuss several subjects with the Queen. Indeed, The Sun reports that the royal staff has been asked to prepare Frogmore Cottage for the forthcoming arrival of the Duke of Sussex. “Windsor staff have been told to prepare for the possibility that Harry may return,” a source in the Sun said, “within the next few weeks.

If the reason for Prince Harry’s visit has not been detailed at this time, it may be that he and Elizabeth II have some “problems,” “not only his political statements, but also his situation and his visa in the United States,” a source said. If the name of Meghan Markle has not been mentioned, this trip could last several weeks for Prince Harry, who will have to confine himself as soon as he arrives on British territory, and this for two weeks, as requested by the government for people coming from abroad.

Meghan and Harry have “crossed the red line”

An appointment that Prince Harry could however fear a little, he who will also have to discuss the modalities of the Megxit next March, one year after his exit from the royal family. And the exchanges are likely to be stormy, given that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have, according to some advisers, “crossed the red line” by publicly evoking a subject so feared by the crown: politics. By publicly taking part in the American elections next November, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have somewhat put Elizabeth II in a “diplomatic embarrassment”.

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