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Prince Harry ready to fly away with Meghan and Archie


Settled in Los Angeles for several weeks, Prince Harry has found a new hobby that will delight Meghan Markle and their little Archie. The objective: to be able to take his wife and their son on a trip.

Prince Harry tastes the american way of life. Installed in Los Angeles, in a luxurious villa, for several weeks, the Duke of Sussex is getting used to this new life little by little. Far from England and royal engagements, Meghan Markle’s husband has difficulty adapting.

Not always fulfilled in this country he does not know, he has found a good way to change his mind. According to Fabuloux’s information, Prince Harry recently joined a club “so that he can keep his helicopter license up to date”, as one source said.

An Apache helicopter commander since 2013, the Duke of Sussex needs to undergo further training before taking over the controls of the helicopter. “You know you have to do a certain number of hours a year or your license will not be renewed, and that applies to the United States as much as it does to the United Kingdom,” the source added.

“He’s very proud of this license, he worked hard to get first the base and then the Apache,” Prince Harry’s friend recalled to our colleagues. If the Duke of Sussex knows full well that he will surely never be recalled to serve in the British Army, “he wants to keep flying hours for personal use”.

By obtaining this new helicopter license, he intends to take Meghan Markle and their little Archie on vacation. An important freedom for Prince Harry, who left the royal family especially to enjoy it. The friend of Prince William’s brother added that he did not have his own helicopter, “at least not yet”, but that he will be able to count on the generosity of his new entourage and “rich benefactors who would like to lend him theirs”.

Prince Harry in 2013


A way to escape

But at the controls of a helicopter, Prince Harry will perhaps provoke new controversies. The Duke, who recently launched his Travelyst ecotourism project, may have to keep an eye on his carbon footprint to avoid being singled out, as he has done several times for his private jet trips.

While waiting to go on a trip with Meghan Markle and Archie, Prince Harry continues his war against the media. After signing a juicy contract with Netflix, the Duke has been pointed at by his family, but also some press titles.

A few days ago, he filed a complaint against the Sunday Times, which wrote that his agreement with the platform would have “sabotaged” the organization of a fundraiser for Invictus Games. Under pressure since his arrival in Los Angeles, the Duke has found a good way to relieve the pressure.

Photo credits: Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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