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Prince Harry reacts subtly after the polemic on the remembrance ceremony


Criticized for publicizing their own remembrance ceremony when a special request had been denied, Prince Harry reacted subtly to the attacks on him.

On November 8, the British Royal Family celebrated Remembrance Sunday, in honor of the soldiers who died during the First World War, and the British armed forces in general. A traditional event in which Prince Harry was unable to participate this year because of his move to Los Angeles, but also because only active members of the Royal Family are invited, which is no longer the case for him.

The Duke of Sussex, together with Meghan Markle, organized his own Remembrance Sunday, as a former soldier, from the Los Angeles National Cemetery in California. However, instead of seeing it as a symbolic gesture on the part of the couple, some saw it as nothing more than a way to get people talking about them, something Prince Harry subtly defended during a virtual event for Stand Up For Heroes.

“My military experience changed my life forever and for the better,” he began, adding that with this ceremony he simply wanted to “honor the legacy of these men and women who have given up so much – from time spent with family to missed birthdays and even missed births.


A very harsh message sent to Buckingham?

A strong gesture that was in no way a way to circumvent the British monarchy, including Buckingham Palace’s refusal to lay a wreath at the Whitehall Cenotaph in London in his name. “As far as I can see, service is what happens in calm and chaos.

It’s what happens when people aren’t watching and how we take care of each other. every day,” he said. A service that took place under the gaze of a single photographer, present to capture that moment, and where some saw a “publicity stunt” on the part of the couple.

“The Sussex wanted it to give the impression that they care about this ceremony, which I’m sure they did,” Ingrid Seward told the Sun, which was relayed by The Express. For others, these photos were clearly a message sent to Buckingham, and “published as part of the ongoing battle between Sussex and the palace” .

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