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Prince Harry punished: his brother William blows him a mission dear to his heart


According to sources close to the Royal Navy, Prince William is about to take the post of chief of the Royal Marines. A news which could reinforce the tensions between him and his brother, Harry.

The British royal family seems to make Prince Harry pay for his distance. Since the month of March, the Duke of Sussex has decided to put an end with his wife, Meghan Markle, to his engagements for the monarchy. However, his desire for autonomy is becoming increasingly difficult for the Firm (the nickname given to Queen Elizabeth II and her clan).

This is evidenced by her stance for the American presidential elections. Is it this freedom of tone that her family has sanctioned? Her brother, William, is in any case preparing to assume a new role, that of chief of the Royal Marines, as confirmed by Royal Navy sources to the Daily Express. A news that must not have pleased Prince Harry.

Indeed, Harry’s military titles were suspended last March with the Megxit. It is next March, at the end of the twelve probationary months granted by Elizabeth II, that a decision should be taken concerning his titles (in particular whether Meghan Markle’s husband would keep them or not).

It would seem that with this news, the royal axe has fallen. No source has yet been able to confirm whether this decision was related to the Duke of Sussex’s support for Joe Biden. In any case, the announcement remains a hard blow for Harry, who, according to some sources, would have liked to resume certain military functions. And this revelation should in any case not help his relations with Prince William.

Publication of a book on William and Harry soon

Diana’s youngest son has long blamed his brother for not welcoming his wife, Meghan Markle, into the royal family. And the discord should not get better with the upcoming release of a book about William and Harry, soberly entitled Battle of the Brothers.

The royal biographer, Robert Lacey, reveals the reaction of the British royal family after the announcement of the Megxit last January. The Duke of Cambridge, for example, is said to have refused to dine with his brother before a summit with the Queen. The latter would have estimated that Garry and Meghan Markle had been “erratic and impulsive” at the time of their departure. All these revelations should in no way improve tensions within the royal family.

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