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Prince Harry is shifting up a gear: this project he led with Apple and Oprah Winfrey


Prince Harry is always where you don’t expect him. The man who moved to Canada after relinquishing his royal duties will soon be the focus of a documentary series about mental health. At his side will be the famous Oprah Winfrey and the result will be available in the coming months on Apple TV.

It’s coming down on the side of the queen’s favorite grandson! The DailyMail has lifted the veil on Prince Harry’s next plans. The man who gave up his royal duties at the beginning of the year would be at the centre of a series about mental health, a reason that is particularly close to his heart.

The Duke of Sussex’s visits to hospitals and treatment centres based in the United Kingdom have been filmed and will therefore lead to a documentary series.

Combat Stress, an organization that helps military veterans dealing with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other problems, told our colleagues that Archie’s father participated in the filming of the series with the famous American host Oprah Winfrey, which will air on Apple TV later this year.

Proof that the couple already have a foot in Hollywood, rumours are circulating that Meghan Markle is involved in the project. One thing is certain, for Prince Harry, this project is extremely important for two reasons: because he suffered mental illness following the death of his mother Lady Diana and more than anything else, having decided to emancipate himself from his family, he is proving that he can take care of himself and carry out his projects.

If Buckingham Palace has refused to confirm or deny this information, the DailyMail assures its veracity. The announcement of this future series comes at a time when Kate and William have taken a keen interest in mental health issues and have even visited schools to talk about the cause.

As a reminder, the sponsor of the Combat Stress association which helps finance treatments for people with mental disorders is Prince Charles, and he has even launched an appeal for donations in 2019. He hoped to raise no less than £10 million.

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  1. you actually mentioned the Daily mail & veracity in the same sentence. We all know Daily Mail lacks credibility as a news source. The Daily Mail has been removed as a “reliable source” on Wikipedia after the news group was deemed “generally unreliable” Bottom line is, Harry and oprah’s project on mental health will be fantastic. Whatever info u received from Daily Mail are most likely made up & pure trash,


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