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Prince Harry in embarrassment


In season 4 of The Crown, available on Netflix since November 15, the very tense relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana is widely discussed. An unflattering portrait that shocked Piers Morgan, the famous presenter of Good Morning Britain, who took the opportunity to call Prince Harry hypocritical in his latest column …

The fourth season of The Crown, launched on Netflix on November 15, left no one indifferent, especially not the specialists of the British Crown, like Piers Morgan, the famous presenter of Good Morning Britain and former friend of Meghan Markle. In a long column for the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan once again attacked Prince Harry, the man who regularly wets Sussex husbands in the media and on social networks.

The reason for his anger? The 150 million euro Netflix deal signed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, even though the platform does not hesitate to draw unflattering portraits of his family members. “Far from being shocked by the fact that Netflix is lining its pockets by smearing members of the royal family in this way, Prince Harry’s response was to ally himself with his wife to sign a huge multi-million dollar contract with the same platform,” writes the host, who denounces “a hypocritical decision”.

Then he adds: “By doing so, Prince Harry is literally accepting money earned by humiliating his own family, especially his mother, while he constantly uses Princess Diana’s experience with the press to ask for more consideration for his wife Meghan”.

Prince Harry in embarrassment

If Prince Harry is now bound hand and foot and can no longer turn back after the signing of this contract, there is no doubt that this delicate position will widen the gap with his family even further. For Piers Morgan, the verdict is indisputable: “He closed his eyes, plugged his ears, and buried himself in the sand of Santa Barbara in the desperate hope that no one would notice the astounding nature of his two-faced behavior,” he wrote.

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