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Prince Harry “does not regret his former life”: like his mother Diana, he has chosen another life.


Now 36 years old, Prince Harry is proud of how far he has come. Honest with himself and his convictions, he does not “regret his life before”, he who has chosen, like his mother Lady Diana, to run his boat as he pleases.

This Tuesday, September 15, Prince Harry celebrates his 36th birthday. Happy birthday, Henry Windsor! 36 years old, but the very first year of his new life. This life that he decided to live with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie, far from the British monarchy and its constraints, by assumed choice, to gain a certain freedom which, if he didn’t think he deserved it, at least made him dream of it. And here he is since a few months, thousands of miles away from his family, building with the small tribe he created their new universe in California.

A new life that is starting with a bang, since with their $150 million deal with Netflix, the Sussex have been able to pay off their debts and can now see it coming. A situation totally in line with what Harry had imagined when he emancipated himself and which reinforces him in his choice of Megxit. A choice that he does not regret, as reported by the Sussex biographer Omid Scobie in the columns of Vanity Fair.

“Harry is happier than ever.”
The royal expert and co-author of the controversial Finding Freedom biography said that on this birthday Harry felt “happier than ever” and that he “had no regrets at all about his life before” with the royal family. The author also said that today, at the age of 36, Harry is the same age as his mother Diana at the time of her death, and that if he were to take stock of his life to date, he would be “very proud” of it, including “very happy in his marriage” and “delighted at the turning point in his professional life”.

He does not miss his former life at all

These words are supported by the royal commentator Ingrid Seward, who agrees with Omid Scobie: “Harry is now embracing his new life, his dream life, where everything is an adventure. He has evolved very quickly in recent months, and he doesn’t miss his old life at all”. It is now up to him to continue to follow in the footsteps of his mother, who had also chosen another life, to one day write her own story.

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