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Prince Harry cancels a major event by surprise


In 2014, Prince Harry was inspired by the Paralympic Games to create the Invictus Games. While the multi-sport competition was postponed to next year due to the global pandemic, Meghan Markle’s husband Meghan Markle cancelled a new event scheduled for next summer.

This is unprecedented! While Prince Harry has always kept his commitments, he cancelled a key fundraising event for the Invictus Games after signing a new agreement with streaming giant Netflix.

The glittering music and comedy show was scheduled to take place in California in June 2021 and to be broadcast on Amazon. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex planned to make speeches during the event.

The fundraiser, which organizers hoped would raise at least £1 million for the Invictus Games Foundation, would likely have taken place at the Hollywood Bowl.Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran were among the stars designated to perform at the event.

Foundation officials were reportedly “stunned” after a lawyer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle informed them that they would not proceed with the event last week. According to a Sunday Times report, the lawyer cited a “conflict” with another streaming service.

Indeed, by signing with Netflix, Prince William’s brother could no longer participate in an event broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. Upon learning the news, a source involved in planning the event told the British magazine, “It’s very bad news and everyone at Invictus is disgusted.

” Indeed, it is yet another blow to the multi-sport competition for injured and disabled soldiers and war veterans that has been postponed to 2021 due to the global pandemic.

The Duke remains more attached than ever to the Invictus Games

Since his withdrawal from the royal family, Prince Harry has been struggling to find his way. When he cancelled the event, one source added, “Harry said yes to this last year and everything was moving forward until a few weeks ago.

It was going to be a big moment for Invictus where the pot is pretty empty, and that left them in a quandary. Harry has to find another way to raise money for them.” While the concert was reportedly suspended due to the global pandemic, the source explained, “The Duke remains as committed to the Invictus Games as ever.”

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