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Prince Harry: “burn-out”, “difficult days” … His first official appearance of 2022 does not go unnoticed


Prince Harry admitted to being exhausted by his commitments and workload. The Duke of Sussex also offered suggestions to business leaders on how to avoid “burn-out” and “tough days” during a discussion with BetterUp.

During a discussion with the American company BetterUp, Prince Harry, 37, confessed his exhaustion. Meghan Markle’s husband, 40, also complained about the difficult days he is having due to his commitments and workload. Recall that the Duke of Sussex has signed several contracts worth millions of pounds since leaving the royal family. Despite his status as a multimillionaire, Prince Harry admits to being a victim of burnout. The father of Archie, 2, and Lilibet, 7 months, also confided that he was trying to stay positive especially since he was “educated by the universe.

During the discussion, Meghan Markle’s husband also said that all employees should have time to develop their minds. For his part, the brother of Prince William, 39, was able to take 5 months off following the birth of his daughter, Lilibet. The son of Prince Charles, 73, took advantage of this exchange to suggest to company managers to plan 15-minute breaks per day. This is to allow employees to relax. “I too am a victim of burn-out,” Prince Harry had confided. “I burn the candle at both ends and it goes boom,” he continued.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, practices meditation every day

In his burst of suggestions, Prince Harry, 37, also suggested meditating every day. In fact, Meghan Markle’s husband confessed that he schedules about half an hour, or even 45 minutes, of meditation every day. This was while his son, Archie, was at school. The 37-year-old royal also made some confidences about some of his shortcomings. Indeed, he admits that there are many things he would like to do.

Still according to Prince Harry, this is all due to the stress he would face on a daily basis. “I know I need to meditate every day,” said the father of Archie and Lilibet. During this discussion, the Duke of Sussex confided that he always learns from the negative experiences he has had in his life. Moreover, this would help him to be more resilient in the face of everyday challenges

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