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Pregnant Meghan Markle: Prince Harry’s bare feet are the subject of debate


While some are celebrating Meghan Markle’s second pregnancy announced in pictures, others, according to The Daily Mail on Monday 15 February, were horrified by Prince Harry’s bare feet. The Web does not spare him.

Away from the Crown for nearly a year, Prince Harry has been running a serene daily despite the controversies that follow. So it was barefoot, sitting in a corner of grass, that he was recently immortalised by a relative. All this in order to announce Meghan Markle’s second pregnancy this Sunday, February 14th. A rare cliché for a member of royalty who has horrified many anonymous people, according to the British tabloid The Daily Mail. Despite the duchess’s rounded belly, they couldn’t look away from the feet of the future father. “Congratulations to Harry and Meghan… but are Harry’s bare feet really necessary,” a Twitter user reacted.


Others followed his example, equally revolted by Prince Harry’s feet. “Buy him some shoes”, “if I have to see Harry’s bare feet again it will be too much”, “why do we have to look at his feet?”, “my only downside about this picture is that Harry has bare feet (…) Everything else is perfect”, “I’m happy for them, but please put your feet away”. Another internet user recalled that “in many Arab, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries, showing the soles of your feet is disrespectful”. So let’s hear it. But while some cannot contain their shock, others feel that this image of photographer Misan Harriman is embellished by his spontaneity.

Their big project for 2021

On a small cloud, Prince Harry will certainly ignore the debate around his feet. For after Meghan Markle’s miscarriage, a tragedy that only served to unite the couple, the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II (who was warned before the whole world of this second pregnancy) is happy to be able to carry out a project that is close to his heart. In addition to those ensuring his emancipation from the Firm. “They would like a brother or sister for Archie”, said the royal expert Katie Nicholl at the dawn of this year 2021, “they are doing everything for it.” The former star of the Suits series will have the joy of being the mother of two children on her 40th birthday, which she will celebrate in August 2021. A royal baby who will certainly be born in the United States, unlike his older brother Archie, marking the Sussex break with the Crown a little more.

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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