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One of Meghan Markle’s biographers recounts the hell he’s going through


Social networks can propagate a flood of hatred that leads to the irreparable. There is no shortage of examples… Omid Scobie, the royal biographer of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, revealed the hate messages and threats he receives on platforms.

The royal biographer of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Omid Scobie, expressed his concern. The young man, who published the best-selling book, Meghan and Harry, in French, about the couple’s decision to leave the royal family, is regularly the target of haters on social networks.

As reported in The Sun, the British writer revealed the hate messages he receives daily: “Now that Meggy is done with you, finish the job and jump off a bridge. We won’t miss you,” or: “He should stop talking about Markle’s vacation and go back to his job in a kebab store,” he reads.

By sharing messages on Twitter, Omid Scobie said he was outraged by the nastiness of some Internet users. “At this point, I have become immune to receiving messages like these every day, but imagine the harm it must do to someone much younger? Social media companies ( Twitter, Instagram and others) have to do a lot more,” he explained.

“It’s appalling”.
Shocked, he sounded the alarm on the dangers of social networks and asked the competent authorities to act. “What’s frustrating with comments like these (and I share them as an example, not out of sympathy) is the frequency with which Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook don’t consider them violations when they are reported. People can easily get away with saying almost anything to anyone,” he added.

The journalist quickly received support from members of his profession on social networks. “It’s awful. It’s appalling. Why don’t these social media giants do something about it? I hope you’re okay.” Recently, in an interview for Tatler’s columns, he had been forced to call the police after receiving threats.

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