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Meghan Markle’s Trial: She drops one of her father-related complaints


Meghan Makle is suing the publisher of the tabloid Mail On Sunday for publishing a private letter sent to her father Thomas. But after a first defeat, the Duchess of Sussex is said to have decided to drop one of her complaints.

Back down to win? Since April 24, Meghan Markle has been engaged in a legal battle with the Associated Newspapers group, publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

The Duchess of Sussex is accusing the British tabloid of publishing a private letter sent to her father Thomas in February 2019 and is suing the press group to which she belongs for invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and misuse of personal data. But more than a month after the start of her legal action, Prince Harry’s wife seems to be changing her strategy slightly.

Meghan Markle has reportedly amended her action against Associated Newspapers. As Tatler magazine reported in an article on Monday, June 8, the Duchess of Sussex is said to have withdrawn her complaint accusing the Mail on Sunday of “harassing and humiliating” her father and of “deliberately manipulating and exploiting a vulnerable and fragile person”.

Does the dropping of some of the charges against the British press group mark a weakening in the judicial war launched by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against the English press? Or is it rather a means of ensuring that this lawsuit is won?

A first legal battle lost

Last May, Meghan Markle lost the first part of her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers. In her first complaint, the duchess was not only suing the press group for violating her rights by publishing this handwritten letter written in August 2018 to her father.

She also claimed that the group’s journalists had deliberately excluded parts of the letter from their articles with the malicious intent of painting a negative picture of her. Markle also accuses the Mail On Sunday of provoking an argument with her father in order to aggravate an already difficult relationship.

On May 1, the judge dismissed this part of the complaint, denying any intentional dishonesty on the part of Associated Newspapers. So did Meghan Markle give up another legal battle to better win the war?

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