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Meghan Markle will finally find her voice her power


Meghan Markle is on the verge of regaining her power and freedom of speech with a major interview soon to be broadcast in America. The star makes no secret of her joy at being free again, just days after officially leaving the royal family.

It’s payback time for Meghan Markle! The former Suits actress was a fan of social networks, owned a blog, and did whatever she wanted, but that was before she met Prince Harry, who is now her husband. By joining the royal family, Archie’s mother had to give up her freedom of speech, and for good reason, one should not smear the Crown, nor annoy Queen Elizabeth II.

But now that she has officially left the royal family, has had her patronage withdrawn, and is living her life in the United States, she aspires to regain this once forbidden freedom.

Despite some badly-liked confidences from her in-laws, Meghan Markle has been rather discreet, but on March 7, she will deliver her truth. Indeed, the Sussex have granted a big interview to Oprah Winfrey, their friend and neighbor in Santa Barbara. Countless revelations are already expected, which are not without worrying the palace.

As our sources indicate, Meghan Markle believes that the program, broadcast at prime time, “would give her the means to regain her voice, her power”. Tired of being muzzled for several years, she wants to strike a blow.

A newfound freedom that is frightening

“When she started dating Harry, she felt like she was losing her voice. She was no longer allowed to express herself. She had a small impact as an actress and overnight she was told to stop using her social networks and be careful what she said.

The loss of independence was hurting her,” said a relative of Meghan Markle, quoted by The Times. But while the woman expecting her second child is happier than ever to be able to dictate her rules and do what she wants with her life, not everyone is thrilled.

“You only have to look at how the previous confessional interviews went to understand that these things never end on a positive note for all parties involved,” royal sources said a few days ago in the British media. And to assure that there will be “a lot of nervousness” on the part of the Palace when the couple’s interview is broadcast.

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