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Meghan Markle: Why is she still hearing from Jessica Mulroney?


Months after moving away from her best friend in the midst of a controversy, Meghan Markle has yet to cut the ties. She’s still checking in on Jessica Mulroney.

It was believed that Meghan Markle had definitely turned the page on her friendship with Jessica Mulroney. A few months ago, the stylist was at the center of a fierce controversy, accused of being racist by a Youtube channel. Very quickly, the Duchess of Sussex’s relatives had assured her that she had cut off all contact with her best friend.

But exiled in Los Angeles for a few months, the wife of Prince Harry continues nevertheless to take news of Jessica Mulroney. In an interview with the Post, the stylist explained that Meghan Markle was “constantly talking to her on FaceTime and watching her”.

It must be said that since the controversy, the stylist has been going through a very complicated period. “I had a hard time dealing with the fact that a network like CTV and the companies I’ve worked with for many years – journalists, some of whom were friends of mine – were talking with incredible authority about what they thought was going on without even contacting me,” she said.

“Meghan and I are family. She’s the kindest friend and has been watching me every day. The tabloid culture is atrocious. It creates lies and a hurtful scenario. Stop feeding on it,” she wrote about their friendship last September on Instagram. Since the accusations of racism, Jessica Mulroney has been put on heavy antidepressants.

“Jessica has been quite anxious since the age of 12,” said a close source. But the anxiety has turned into severe depression and suicidal thoughts.” So much so that her mom was forced to come and take care of her. “Jess couldn’t talk without crying.

She didn’t feel like herself under medication and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. She could barely respond to a text message,” recalls her friend. Supported by her family and friends, she gradually began to reduce her medication.

Meghan Markle went backwards

“I know I have a lovely life,” concluded Jessica Mulroney. I have to learn from it, but I am not a racist. I just want to try to move on.” As a reminder, after the death of George Floyd, the influential Sasha Exetere accused the designer of threatening him but also of being racist.

“She is very aware of her wealth, power and privilege ‘because of her skin color,” she said. Jessica never spoke out in support of the movement, and didn’t even understand why she had to do so. What next? “Mortified,” Meghan Markle had first driven her away from her surroundings. “Meghan is absolutely mortified that she was dragged into all this chaos.

According to her, Jessica is not a racist at all, but the way she handled the situation was deafening and heartbreaking,” a source said. Jessica Mulroney was then taken off the air, as was her husband, who had made the choice to leave television. But in the end, the friendship was stronger.

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