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Meghan Markle triumphant: she knocks down a paparazzi agency


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex won her case against a paparazzi agency that had taken pictures of her and her son Archie on a walk near their home.

It’s over. Meghan Markle won her case against the Splash UK paparazzi agency that took pictures of the Duchess of Sussex and her son Archie. The Guardian, which reported the news, explained that Prince Harry’s wife had attacked the British company for having photographed the royal baby and his mother during a walk near their home.

Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law felt that the photographers had “illegally invaded” their privacy. All this is now over, a court said on Friday that the Splash UK agency could not take any more pictures of the family in the future.

The decision was made during a video conference hearing. In a statement read to the court, The Guardian said the parties would have agreed to settle the complaint brought by Meghan Markle.

Now under administration, “the directors of Splash UK have undertaken that, should the entity be removed from administration, Splash UK will not take any further photographs of the Duke and Duchess or their son in the future,” quote our colleagues who quote the statement read to the court.

Another complaint in progress

Happy to have won this legal battle, Jenny Afin, Meghan Markle’s lawyer, congratulated them on their victory. “This settlement is a clear signal that the illegal, intrusive and intrusive behaviour of the paparazzi will not be tolerated and that the couple takes these issues seriously – as any family would,” said Archie’s mother’s lawyer, quoted by The Guardian.

And while the royal couple emerged victorious from this legal battle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not finished with the courts. The royal couple has another lawsuit pending with Splash US, a sister company of Splash UK on the same grounds.

Photo credits : Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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