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Meghan Markle: This inspiring quote hanging in her little girl’s room


Already at a young age, Meghan Markle was inspired by strong women. It is thanks to a quote from one of them that she was able to cope with the many criticisms that she was the target of.

Meghan Markle is the target of a lot of criticism, but she knows how not to let it get to her. She draws her resources from a phrase that was prevalent in her bedroom when she was younger, and which she revealed in a video interview with Fortune magazine on Tuesday, September 29th.

It’s a quote from the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe: “I’ve already taken care of everything myself, so the flattery and criticism disappear and I’m pretty free.'”


If Meghan Markle thinks of this sentence, it is because she is going through a period in which she is once again facing a media torrent. She is the target of criticism from Donald Trump and his friends, after having taken a stand against the American president with Prince Harry. “You know, I hung a quote in my room a long, long time ago, and it resonates more than ever now, when you see the vitriol and the noise in the world,” says Archie’s mother.

To be free of all these other opinions

Strongly criticized by the British before and after her departure from the royal family, Meghan Markle was rarely shaken by the derogatory comments. She gives some advice on how to stay strong in spite of it all: “Once you manage to free yourself from all these other opinions, from what you think is true, I think it’s very simple to live with truth and authenticity. This is the way I choose to evolve in the world.”

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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