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Meghan Markle: This huge disappointment that hurts the Duchess of Sussex


Meghan Markle lives a disappointment that she did not expect. Indeed, in its edition of November 21, Us Weekly reveals that the Duchess of Sussex is hurt and even displeased with the situation.

While early next year attention will be largely focused on her husband, Prince Harry, as his memoir Alternate [Spare] comes out on January 10, 2023, Meghan Markle regularly makes headlines with her podcast Archetypes, which is streamed on Spotify. However, lately, the Duchess of Sussex has been experiencing a real disappointment that she can’t really understand.

Indeed, the former actress would be extremely disappointed by the way her show is received. If Internet users have rushed on the first broadcast and she received prestigious guests like Serena Williams or Mariah Carey, her podcast would not work as she wishes. A source revealed in the edition of Us Weekly, which comes out on November 21: “Meghan thought she would be much more successful and that people would talk non-stop about her guests and revelations.”


Meghan Markle was thinking big for her podcast

Three months after its launch, Meghan Markle is reportedly in outright “panic mode,” according to the magazine, which describes her as unhappy with the fate of her shows. The source even added, “She assumed the podcast would allow for a lot of conversation and that news channels would ask her for more in-depth answers.” Before elaborating on one of the reasons for her dissatisfaction, “Instead, her quotes on Deal or No Deal [À prendre ou à laisser en français, NDLR] are what stood out to people the most.”

About this show, which she eventually left, Meghan Markle had explained in her podcast that she left because she did not want to look like a bimbo. Her explanations were not well received by her former colleagues and even by the actress Whoopi Goldberg, who reproached her with her words for making “other women uncomfortable because they may also be trying to make a living.” The words of Archie and Lilibet’s mom on the program were repeated many times in the press and commented on many times. To her great dismay apparently.

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