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Meghan Markle: The testimony that exonerates her friend Jessica Mulroney


Accused of racism last June by blogger Sasha Exeter, Jessica Mulroney decided to retaliate by revealing to the National Post on Thursday, January 21, her past exchanges with her, proving that she has tried to redeem herself by apologizing several times.

Meghan Markle’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney, is trying to restore her image after the controversy she suffered in June 2020. This Thursday, January 21, the National Post revealed the exchanges she had with Sasha Exeter. As a reminder, the Canadian stylist has been accused of racism. It all started with African-American blogger Sasha Exeter, who accused the Duchess of Sussex’s girlfriend of not speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement.

It was announced that Jessica Mulroney had then turned against her, promising to sue her but also to ruin her career. Sasha Exeter had, for her part, publicly assured that her interlocutor was “well aware of her wealth, power and privilege due to her skin colour”.

The scandal caused by this affair led Jessica Mulroney to lose her position with Good Morning America and to see her own show, entitled I Do, Redo, deprogrammed on CTV. At worst, the wife of the TV host Ben Mulroney had had “suicidal thoughts” and had announced that she needed “medication and psychiatric treatment” in order to recover from accusations of racism against her.

As our colleagues at the National Post report, CTV executives had been in possession of the messages exchanged between Jessica Mulroney and Sasha Exeter since October. Yet they chose to turn a blind eye and fire her, knowing that the designer was in the midst of a depression. The blogger, for her part, said Mulroney’s behaviour resembled “an attempt to silence a black woman” and said she waited a week before speaking on video because she was “paralysed by fear”.



I was wrong

The National Post therefore shared the messages exchanged between the two women. Last June, after Sasha Exeter accused Jessica Mulroney of racism, Jessica told him in a private message: “I guess our friendship wasn’t what I thought it was.

I tried my best to make it work”. Sasha Exeter therefore asked her not to “victimise herself”. When she got back up, she contacted her again and let go: “I have lost all respect for you”. “I’m sorry you feel that way. (…) I tried to make it possible for us to talk. I just got hurt,” replied Jessica Mulroney. A little later she said, “I had a moment to think about it and I want to apologize. I was wrong”.

A sincere apology that was repeated throughout the conversation, but was not enough to lessen the blogger’s anger when she was informed that media had approached her. It was at this point, in panic, that Jessica Mulroney threatened the young woman with the threat to go and see the brands she works for, in order to end her career. Afterwards, she apologised to her interlocutor again, but he did not accept her apology.

Photo credits: CNN/Backgrid UK/Bestimage

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