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Meghan Markle: The revealing book written by her half-sister Samantha has been published


The long-awaited book by Meghan Markle’s half-sister is finally out. In it, Samantha Markle tells the story of her childhood with the duchess and how they grew apart.

As she flew to the United States with her husband and son Archie, Meghan Markle longed for a new life away from gossip. But in the next few days, the Duchess of Sussex will be the talk of the town – in spite of herself. And for good reason, her half-sister Samantha Markle has just published the “revealing” book she had promised across the Atlantic. When the duchess learned of her project, she would have literally “burst into tears”.

The autobiography, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: A Memoir, Part One, is expected to shed more light on the relationship between Meghan Markle and her family, the Daily Mail reports. In particular how (from her half-sister’s point of view) the Duchess has excluded some members of her family, including her father, Thomas Markle, who was not present at the royal wedding.

In these pages, Samantha Markle, 56, looks back at her childhood and reveals how the two women grew up and how she “adored” her as a child. But she doesn’t forget to mention their rivalry that has grown over the years.

Samantha and Meghan Markle are no longer in contact

The break-up would have been truly recorded when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry on 19 May 2018. Since then, the two women no longer speak to each other, as Samantha Markle reported in 50′ Inside on January 6 on TF1. “She hasn’t kept any connection with me, any more than she did with my father. It’s really sad,” she confided.

Then she added that she did not believe in her union with Princess Lady Diana’s son: “I can only tell you that this marriage is not what it seems to be, I’m putting that down here”. The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: A Memoir, Part One should stay out of Meghan Markle’s hands.

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  1. Oh please, Samantha lived with her mum, not her dad, when they divorced. She is 17 years older than Meghan. When Thomas re-married with Doria, the two separated when Meghan was two and divorced at the time Meghan was 6. She lived since then with her mum, moved back to Thomas at the age of 11. Samantha was 28 at the time, was married and had two kids of her own. How on earth did they grew up together? The last time the two of them had seen eachother was when Samantha graduated in 2013. Almost 10 years ago. To say that she abondoned her sister because of Harry is a far stretch. Samantha is the only one mouthing off her sister, accept for the interview with Oprah, Meghan never ever, said anything, good or bad about her sister.


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