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Meghan Markle : The duchess passed a fake kidnapping before her marriage with Harry


Before she married Harry, Meghan Markle had to follow a whole protocol. She was even the victim of a kidnapping… organized.

The life of a duchess is not always easy. Before joining the royal family of England, and before Harry put a ring on her finger, Meghan Markle followed a training… very sporting. Indeed, to ensure the safety of Prince William’s sister-in-law, Buckingham Palace organized a fake kidnapping.

For this very special exercise, the former Suits actress had to put herself in the victim’s shoes: the aim was to let her know how to act if the scenario ever actually happened.

In the new biography of the Sussex husbands, Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, unveiled on August 11th, authors Omid Scobbie and Carolyn Durand explain that “Meghan took part in a kidnapping scene in which she was tied up in the back of a car by a ‘terrorist’ and taken to another location”. Then all’s well that ends well. She was “rescued by officers who used fake weapons (those of actors in Hollywood movies) for more realism”.

Meghan Markle threatened

The royal family, which is very exposed to the public and potentially to danger, must follow a training of this kind. Kate Middleton also underwent similar training after her marriage to Prince William. If Meghan Markle did it earlier than expected, it was primarily because she had received “a lot of threats” since the formalization of her relationship with the grandson of Elizabeth II.

Life within the royal family was too complicated for Meghan Markle, who wanted to get away from it. In fact, her husband announced that he had repaid the work done at Frogmore Cottage: he no longer owes anything to his relatives. Archie’s parents now live far from the crown and their new plans are about to come to fruition.

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