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Meghan Markle stalked by a detective: Twist in her war against the press


According to information from BBC News, the British tabloid The Sun allegedly hired a private detective to dig up information about Meghan Markle, when she joined the royal family. The man in question confessed to illegally obtaining the social security number of the Duchess of Sussex…

The war between the Sussexes and the British tabloids is not about to end. Since Meghan Markle joined the Crown, the Sussex couple have made a point of denouncing the attacks on her on a daily basis. Last February, Meghan Markle even won her battle against Associated Newspapers, parent company of the British tabloids The Mail on Sunday and The Mail Online, dragged to court for publishing excerpts from the private letter she had written for her father. According to information revealed by the BBC News, another tabloid, The Sun, would have pushed the limits much further by hiring a private investigator to obtain personal information on the Duchess of Sussex, at the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry.

Daniel Hanks, also known as Danno Hanks, revealed that he had access to her phone number, her various addresses, information on members of her family and on her ex-husband and a former boyfriend. If The Sun claims to have asked Daniel Hanks to act in a legal manner, the detective however insisted on specifying: “They could have had access themselves and in a legal way to all the information I found. Except for the social security number. When you have that information… it’s the key to the kingdom”. Revelations that corroborate the words of Sussex, in total rupture with the British press for months.

Predatory methods

The detective was keen to make amends, he who sold the information he had obtained to the tabloid for the sum of 2,055 dollars. “I apologize to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for targeting their family, especially Meghan’s father, to get information for The Sun. I never wanted to hurt Meghan, and I would not have accepted the mission if I knew it would cause so much trouble, “he said. Revelations that immediately made the Sussexes react, who decided, via their spokesman: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe that it is important to take time to reflect, the media and society in general, while this new report shows that the predatory methods of the past are still in fashion, causing irreversible damage to families and relationships.

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