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Meghan Markle not welcome at Buckingham Palace: some people hated her


According to biographer Robert Lacey, quoted in the tabloid The Mirror on Monday 12 October, Buckingham Palace had targeted Meghan Markle from the moment she entered Prince Harry’s life.

If Meghan Markle’s arrival in the royal family was celebrated as a modern-day boost to the monarchy around the world, internally, it shook the walls of Buckingham Palace. In an interview with the Sunday Times, quoted by the British tabloid The Mirror on Monday 12 October, the biographer of the crowned heads Robert Lacey revealed that the former star of the Suits series was targeted by terrible critics from the moment she appeared alongside the Duke of Sussex. “There was personal animosity in the palace towards Meghan – and the feeling was mutual,” slipped the author of the book Battle of Brothers.

Worse still, Meghan Markle would even have been the target of undisguised hatred. “There was someone at the palace – and I can’t name them – who hated Meghan,” Lacey continued. He said the monarchy neither anticipated nor appreciated Prince Harry’s love at first sight for the American actress.

“The palace expected Harry to marry a nice girl named Annabel or Henrietta and live in the country.” So the appearance of the principal concerned on the eternal bachelor’s arm would have had the effect of a bomb. A union that would have damaged the relationship between the Duke of Sussex and his elder brother, already weakened by the infamous scandal of Prince Harry’s Nazi costume in 2005, according to Robert Lacey’s book Battle of Brothers.

Meghan Markle snobbish” and “condescending

Indeed, when he first crossed Meghan Markle’s path, the Duke of Cambridge did not look favourably on his relationship with Prince Harry. He would have called her a “snob” or considered her “condescending”. Worse still in his brother’s eyes, Prince William wanted him to take “as much time as possible to get to know the girl” before marrying her. A piece of advice that was interpreted as an attack that little Archie’s father did not follow. And since then, tensions have only increased, reaching a peak in January 2020, when the Sussex slammed the Firm’s door.

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