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Meghan Markle mocked: this site that doesn’t spare her


Nothing spares him. As Meghan Markle urged Americans to vote for the next presidential election, some clever people decided to create a site dedicated to the false candidacy of the Duchess of Sussex.
Since the announcement of her relationship with Prince Harry, nothing seems to spare Meghan Markle.

Between disrespectful remarks and racist insults, the Duchess of Sussex struggles to cultivate a positive aura around her person. And her latest statements on the American election should not work in her favour.

In a video released on September 22, she and her husband urged Americans to use their right to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The former Suits actress, who has strong political roots, stressed that this was “the most important election of our lives.

A position that annoyed many, both in the United States, but also on the side of the British royal family, which sees it as an unwelcome interference in British diplomacy. Others wanted to go further in their opposition by creating a parody website dedicated to the false candidacy of Meghan Markle for the presidential election of 2020, as revealed by the tabloid The Sun.

The platform, “soberly” entitled “Meghan for President 2020”, ironically proposes to discover the electoral platform of the Duchess of Sussex, which would promise a world filled with “equality, empowerment and kindness”.

Inspiring misquotes

The clever guys behind the site even had the idea to write inspiring fake quotes from Meghan Markle. “After many months of internal reflection and discussion, I heard your calls to become President of the United States of America,” the Duchess of Sussex pretends to say on the site.

“It is with your encouragement, especially in recent months, that I feel ready to make that decision.” A hoax that should make the main interested party laugh.

Photo credits : Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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