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Meghan Markle keeps a low profile: no more jets, she flew back to Canada on a commercial flight.


No more sumptuous private jet flights. To get back to Canada to find Archie, Meghan Markle would’ve taken a commercial flight. Quite a symbol?

One last round and then we’re out of here. Meghan and Harry’s return to the UK has been eagerly awaited. No sooner had the Duchess had to rub shoulders with her in-laws at the Commonwealth Day Mass than she jumped on the plane back across the Atlantic.

Meghan Markle would hurry back to Canada to meet little Archie while Harry had to stay and work out a few details. According to Haper’s Bazaar, the youngster flew to her new life on a commercial flight. As a symbol of a departure from the pomp of royalty?

According to the magazine, the former actress took “the last commercial flight of the day, determined to be back on Vancouver Island in the morning before Archie woke up.” Is Meghan looking to save money now that her lifestyle is in her charge? It seems a possibility when you consider that the couple is going to have to find a way to finance themselves.

But it is impossible not to weigh the ecological argument in the balance. The Sussex family, a strong supporter of the fight against global warming, had repeatedly been singled out for the use of their private jet and the carbon footprint that goes with it.

Have they now decided to use conventional flights for the good of the planet? Possibly. So far, no information has been leaked about Prince Harry’s return to his wife or the means of transport he will use. This information may set the tone for the post-Megxit era.

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