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Meghan Markle in turmoil before her time


Next summer, Prince Harry will travel to the UK to reunite with his family and attend various events. His long-awaited return should be without Meghan Markle.

Will Meghan Markle be part of the trip when Prince Harry visits the UK soon? With the couple now living in California, the suspense is high that she will be with her husband when he returns to the British Royal Family in London next June.

He is expected to attend various royal events, including Prince Philip’s 100th birthday and the unveiling of a statue erected in honour of the late Lady Diana in the garden of Kensington Palace. However, according to British media reports, Meghan Markle is not expected to accompany him, staying in their villa in Santa Barbara with their child, Archie.

The author of a book on Prince Andrew, Nigel Cawthorne, believes that if “Meghan decided not to attend without reason”, it would be “a slap in the face for her royal in-laws.”

At present, Meghan Markle’s decision whether or not to accompany her husband to the UK is not yet known. It would depend mainly on how the health situation develops: “It should be stressed that there is always an element of uncertainty about this because of the unpredictable situation at the Covid, but what is being said is that the Duke is likely to have to return [to the UK] on his own,” said a recent source in the Daily Mail, who said Meghan Markle would not count on “snubbing” the royalty.

A personal and practical decision by the couple

According to our sources, Meghan Markle’s choice not to accompany Harry could also be decided to avoid the media packaging that their appearance could cause in the UK. “It’s a personal and practical decision by the couple, but it would certainly help officials navigate what is probably a rather tricky situation,” said one.

For her part, a close relative of the British Royal Family revealed: “Harry wants to come back for the big birthdays of the Queen and Prince Philip. But it seems likely that he will be alone”, before continuing: “If Meghan returns, it is possible that her coming will overshadow the event. People would only see the ‘drama’ side of it all.”

Photo credits: CNN/Backgrid UK/Bestimage

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