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Meghan Markle: her desperate attempt to get her father to attend her wedding to Harry


Meghan Markle and her father have not spoken to each other since a last text message sent by the young woman to her father on the eve of her marriage to Harry to convince him to attend.

Thomas Markle was one of those who missed his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle in May 2018. After much hesitation, Meghan Markle’s father finally decided to ignore the ceremony to which he was invited, as evidenced by the invitation card received by the man who had organised a fake paparazzi before his offspring’s wedding in the United Kingdom.

In order to ensure her father’s presence, Meghan Markle allegedly doubled the invitation by sending one last text message to Thomas Markle the day before his wedding to convince him to attend the ceremony.

A message to which Thomas Markle did not reply, as reported by the authors of the book “Finding Freedom”, whose good sheets were unveiled by the Sunday Times. Prior to this last text message, Markle reportedly sent dozens of messages to her father telling him that a car would take him to Los Angeles airport so that he could go to London.

But despite Meghan’s tons of “voice messages and text messages,” he refused to get into the car waiting at the airport, the book’s much-criticized title says. Meghan Markle reportedly called him “at least 20 times. »

My daughter threw me out on the eve of her wedding.”

Why did Thomas Markle choose not to walk his daughter down the aisle? According to his son Thomas Jr. (also absent from the wedding), his father “hates the attention that his daughter’s love affair has drawn to him,” as he told the Mail On Sunday.

At the Megxit, two years after the wedding, Markle was once again ruthless to his daughter, who, according to his statements, had cut all ties with him: “My daughter dumped me on the eve of her wedding.

My daughter threw me out on the eve of her wedding. She threw my family out. She threw away the family of Doria [Meghan’s mother]. She threw away all the families and now she’s throwing away the British family. “Anyway, it was on the arm of Prince Charles that Meghan Markle walked down the aisle to marry her prince. And you know the rest.

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