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Meghan Markle at King Charles III’s coronation: this honor she won’t get


The coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will be among the guests. However, the couple, including the Duchess, will be deprived of a very special honor.

The coronation of Charles III is approaching fast! The historic event, highly anticipated across the Channel, will be held on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London. For the occasion, 2,000 people have received an invitation card. Among them, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who could make the trip despite their more than tense relationship with the British royal family. The couple has also issued many requirements before confirming or not his arrival. If they finally attend the ceremony, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are nevertheless deprived of some honors.

Indeed, as reported by the Mirror, the parents of Lilibet and Archie will not be allowed to wear special outfits to “stand out” as some family members. If King Charles III wants to have his two sons by his side, “it is therefore expected that Harry and his wife will be present, but without crown, tiara, dress or clothes of pomp and circumstance,” said the author and historian Tessa Dunlop to our colleagues. The brother of William and the former American actress should wear their own finery and, thus, be dressed very differently from the rest of the Windsor clan, including William and Kate Middleton, Prince and Princess of Wales.


Do Meghan and Harry want to “overshadow” the coronation?

While it’s possible that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will differ in their attire at the coronation, they could be drawing attention for something else entirely. The couple actually wants the special day to also be dedicated to their son, Archie, who will blow out his fourth candle on May 6. “They would like Prince Archie’s fourth birthday to be factored into the coronation plans,” the Mirror reported. A request deemed “hypocritical” that has set the world on fire. Some enthusiasts of British crowned heads indeed fear that the Duke and Duchess “overshadow” – voluntarily – the coronation of Charles III by organizing a grandiose birthday for their eldest.

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  1. Meagan will find some way to cause a disturbance whether it’s to force the announcement of Archie’s birthday or a scene to force their involvement/inclusive of the coronation. If she really cares about her children and her son’s birthday and doesn’t want to b part If the Royal family then stay home. She has no business being there and will not be welcomed. How many times does she need to be publicly booed at and shamed before she gets the hint she is not liked or wanted…we don’t even want her here in the US! She is a liar, a fake and couldn’t even call her an actress unless she is in GB then her acting skills improve greatly especially her fake crying. Harry needs to divorce her. She is using him and manipulating him and his memories

  2. They should.not be at the coronation at all.He should be tried for treason against the late Queen. Megan thinks she is superior to anyone and basically she is just a normal person


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