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Meghan Markle and Harry trapped: in the U.S., the paparazzi are kings


Furious that their little Archie was photographed without their knowledge, Meghan Markle and Harry filed a lawsuit against the authors of the photos, but with no guarantee of winning, reports Express.

By settling in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle and Harry thought they could finally escape the English tabloids who were spying on their every move. However, it was without counting on the American paparazzi, who quickly took over and went so far as to photograph little Archie, unbeknownst to the couple and within the very confines of their property.

For the very angry Sussex, a red line was crossed. Without waiting, Meghan Markle and Harry filed a lawsuit against the photographers, but their lawsuit may not succeed, according to a journalist from the LA Times, Anousha Sakoui.

“California is obviously the world of celebrities, and in America it is different from the UK in that there are not the same restrictions on defamation,” she explained in an interview with BBC Breakfast, relayed by Express.

Anousha Sakoui added that in Donald Trump’s country, “freedom of expression means you can photograph people in the street. However, Meghan Markle and Harry could rely on the American law which forbids anyone from filming someone without their permission, especially at home, and its extension to drones.

Opposite versions

The democratisation of drones has indeed considerably harmed celebrities in recent years, as their owners do not need to be on the property of the stars to be able to photograph them.

The law was therefore amended in 2014 and now prohibits paparazzi from using these devices to “record personal and family activities”. The problem is that the people who took the photos claim that they were taken during a public outing by the Sussex in Malibu. Case to follow, then.

Photo credits: Backgrid UK/ Bestimage

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