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Meghan Markle and Harry: Elizabeth II has given in to a final demand


Days after launching an investigation against Meghan Markle, accused of harassment, Her Majesty Elizabeth II has called in an independent team, according to People and The Sunday Times.

As part of its investigation targeting Meghan Markle, accused of moral harassment and intimidation by former staff members, Buckingham Palace is expanding its investigation by calling on a team of independent lawyers as revealed by the American magazine People and the British newspaper The Sunday Times, this Sunday, March 14. This decision will certainly reassure Prince Harry and his wife, who were worried that this investigation would take place in the inner circle of the Firm, and therefore tinged with a bias that they feared. An unexpected turn: the palace and Her Majesty Elizabeth II initially turned to an internal investigation.

“We are clearly very concerned about the allegations in The Times,” a Buckingham Palace statement said, in the wake of the shocking revelations claiming that the Duchess of Sussex has been cruel to her Kensington staff. “As a result, our human resources team will review the circumstances described in the article. Staff members involved at the time, including those who left the home, will be invited to participate to see if any lessons can be learned.” The scandal erupted following the announcement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s truthful interview with Oprah Winfrey… and sent shockwaves through the web.

The accusations divide

While she denounced a campaign of “misleading and harmful disinformation”, orchestrated by the royal family – and in particular by Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles – the former actress was sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes supported by Internet users. Her friends and former colleagues have come to her defense on social networks. “Meg’s operating system has always been based on kindness. Kindness is an integral part of her,” testified Lindsay Roth, one of her best friends.

“I know what I am saying after 22 years of very close friendship. I’ve seen firsthand how she treats her friends and their families, and her colleagues.” The writer of the series Suits, among other ex-colleagues, the soap opera that revealed Meghan Markle to the general public, also spoke out. “It is possible that the Duchess of Sussex is a good person immersed in an unimaginable world,” Jon Cowan thus nuanced. This same world in which the interested party has admitted to have been prey to suicidal thoughts.

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